Chicken Math is Real

I laughed the first time I heard someone talking about “chicken math”.  She was talking about how chicken people start doing chicken math, like justifying buying 5 extra chicks “because half are probably roosters anyway, so I’ll still only end up with the 5 we planned for”.   Or you go in the feed store and see the adorable chicks and bring home 3 more “because what difference will 3 chicks make anyway?”  I shouldn’t have laughed but I was naive and thought I was too smart to fall into the chicken math trap.  (Wrong!)

We started planning our coop and selecting chickens weeks ago.  The chickens are actually my son’s, he’s going to be learning about running a egg business and raising chickens.  We were firmly agreed that we were getting two chickens and two only.  A couple chicken friends actually laughed at me when I told them!  

 A great friend has been fostering our two adorable silkies for a couple weeks while we finished the coop and endured a March snow.  We went to pick them up today and somehow 1+1=3!   My friend had fallen victim to chicken math and found herself with an extra chickie and so we did the chicken math and brought home 3 silkies instead of 2!  

I’ll post more later about how we turned a shed into a coop, building our chicken run, and why we chose silkies.  


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