TIMBER! The Farmer turns Lumberjack

We had a huge old Walnut tree that was located in the middle of our septic drain field,  but sadly it was dying and dropping huge limbs left and right.   So my husband and his friend got out Sunday and brought her down.   I was gone grocery shopping with Little Miss but I got to see a video of it coming down and you can hear my Little Man yelling “TIMBER!”.  It was so cute!  You can see that video over on my Instagram rfwife.  Our friend got a couple truck loads of firewood and we got rid of a disaster waiting to happen.

Our tiny pond
Once the guys finished up with the walnut in the front they headed back to our tiny pond to do some much needed clean up.  They took out a dozen or more little trees and culled out a couple dead ones to let some sunlight in around our tiny pond.   When we moved in it was wet weather only pond so we had a friend come do a little dirt work to try to enlarge it and make it a true pond.  Sadly he hit solid rock so it’s not very deep but he did get it holding water full time!   We’ll see once we get a big rain how big it truly is!

Little Man is hoping for deep enough for some perch or blue gill.  No matter what it’ll at least make a fine little duck pond!   Now we just need to burn the underbrush and years worth of fallen leaves out from around the pond and sow some clover and we’ll have a lovely little area.  This momma will be happy when something is growing down there, that Missouri mud has already ruined 3 pairs of shoes!  If you’ve got any tips on how to get red clay mud off shoes please leave them in the comments below!


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