Letting Go of Pretty and Perfect

After yesterday’s post about my fun new Origami Owl charms this post feels a little hypocritical.  One of the hardest parts of embracing the homesteading lifestyle (for me) is letting go of pretty.  I’m a type-A personality and I want everything to be just perfect from the beginning.   I used to spend tons of money buying all matching organizing totes or pretty matching sets of things because I love the way it looks, all nice and neat and pretty.   Homesteading is about using what you have and to do that you have to appreciate the functionality and practicality of a piece more than it’s beauty.   That means not everything is going to look Pinterest worthy all the time.  I’m finding that an attitude of gratitude is helping me let go of pretty.   When I look out and see my new garden beds or walk into my chicken coop I have to remind myself to be grateful that I was able to create something so functional for FREE.    Has letting go of pretty and perfect been a struggle for you?  How do you deal with re-adjusting your vision?


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