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Friday night I escaped to town kid free with a friend to attend a Paddle Party.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  It wasn’t a kinky gathering, it was a kind of auction put on by a local group of direct sales women.   For a quarter a bid you try to win products being auctioned off that vary in value from $20 to $100.   It’s a lot of fun and some of those ladies spend the big bucks trying to win.  I only bought one paddle and used less than a roll of quarters so I wasn’t surprised to find that I didn’t win during the auction. Lady Luck was just waiting for the raffle portion of the evening to visit me.  I won 2 raffles!  One was a cool little toy from Discovery Toys and the other was a $20 gift certificate to Origami Owl.  I ❤️ Origami Owl but it’s not exactly cheap so $20 doesn’t go far.  I was so excited when I saw the new catalog had farm charms!  I already had a necklace at home so I had to use my gift certificate to get a little red farm house, a tiny spade, a spoon and fork, and a chicken.  A chicken y’all!   They are adorable.  I came home and told my husband about my blog inspired charms and he just shook his head.  I think he might be considering having me committed. 🙂

If you need to get yourself some of these super cute farm charms you can order online from my Origami Owl lady Aimee Johnson at or whoever sells them near you.   I’m excited to wear my blog bling!


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