We bought the farm…

My husband and I looked for 10 long years before we finally settled on a property to purchase.  We saw some crazy properties during our search!  There was one that we called “The Very Brady Special”, stepping inside took you right back to the house on the Brady Bunch, complete with mini-bar and built in stereo and weather station.  “The Redneck Surprise” seemed to have a lot of potential, right up until we opened the door to the “pool room”.  The pool room was a section of unfinished basement with a large plastic walled above ground swimming pool set up on the concrete.   My favorite was when I went back with a friend to peek into an empty house we were considering and she exclaimed “What on Earth is that?!?”  “That” turned out to be the pile of moldy rubble in the hallway floor that used to be the ceiling.   One time the realtor wanted us to come look at this place she thought really had potential but said the kids couldn’t come in- no one under 18 could come in due to the overwhelming amount of animal urine!  Gag! Needless to say, we didn’t even waste our time looking at that cootie factory.  

By the end of our search I was giving the realtor specs on properties because we’d been in more houses than her.  To be fair we had some pretty unrealistic qualifications for ideal place.   Outside of town (but not so far we couldn’t have high speed internet), at least 3 bedrooms, a full dry basement, move-in ready except for minor cosmetic repairs, large yard, and a small price tag.   We finally found our place on a online yardsale site. 

It was for sale by owner and the couple selling had been here for 30 years.  The ad said it was 4 bedrooms, 1 full bath, one 3/4 bath, one half bath, a full finished basement, on 2 acres with a wet weather pond and 2 outbuilding.   We drove out and took a look and were pleasantly surprised. I saw a future homestead, my husband saw a nice house with room for his man-cave. He saw an empty shed, I saw a future chicken coop.  He saw a wet weather pond, I saw a little work turning it into a perfect duck pond.  He saw a huge yard to mow, I saw plenty of space for fruit trees and garden beds.    Obviously when we looked at it we saw two very different visions!   

We all liked it and felt like it could be “home” so we made an offer and bought the farm! Except of course my husband didn’t really realize we’d bought a farm.  😀  7 months later my husband is starting to see my vision and he’s a little scared and a lot confused and really reluctant to join me in my mini-farming adventures.  Luckily he’s pretty used to my crazy ideas and DIY nature so he lets me do my thing and always pitches in when I need a helping hand!


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